another milestone….

Five years ago today I finished the last of my active cancer treatment. The last of my herceptin injections in my leg. This was me in Ibiza celebrating. A couple of months before this we’d just completed the London Marathon and was then in the process of planning the start of my 40 challenges. So much has happened over the past five years. Some of the best days of my life for sure. Some of the hardest more difficult days mainly due to the reoccurrence. Some days proving how blimin strong I am. Some days where being strong was so hard. But one thing remains throughout is the love and laughter, family and friendship, the looking to the future, living life to the max and getting all I can out of being alive. I am surrounded with the best people ever❤️

#survivebealive #fiveyearson #livethelifeyouaspiretolive #livelifetothemax

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