Know your body

Early detection and early diagnosis can save lives. And part of this process is you knowing your body. If you spot anything that you are not happy with please go the GP. Don’t wait or hesitate. If you have any symptoms of where you know you don’t feel yourself speak up. It could be constant pain, swelling, lumps, dimpling, lethargy, weight gain, weight loss, blood. Anything that is not right for you and you are concerned always speak up. If you are invited to one of the screening programmes please try your best to get there. These tests have saved thousands of lives over the years. There is some amazing, expertly written resources out there for knowing how to check your body, symptoms to look out for, knowing your body and early detection. And it’s not all about cancer either. Early detection for any disease or illness is crucial. If you are worried please find someone to speak to and please visit your GP. Doing this saved my life. I am one of the lucky ones because my cancer was detected early by me.