Just Keep Moving

Something that helped me so much through treatment was the aspect of ‘Movement’. Don’t let the photos make you think I’m some professional athlete. I am not. However, what I am is someone that has used all this sport and activities to get better. I wasn’t competing. It was all for fun and to keep fit. It didn’t matter whether it was a short walk to the local shops, walking around the garden, doing my physio exercises or doing something that really got the heart rate pacing.

All exercise, activity and movement is awesome and it was essential to me with my recovery. It doesn’t matter about your ability, your age, your gender. Even if you are really busy and feel like you don’t have time. Get creative and try to make some time. Everyone can do something to keep moving. Below are a few areas which worked really well for me and became such a crucial part of my recovery. However, these activities might not be for everyone. That’s the beauty of it all. It’s your choice. Your life. Always think of yourself and what works best for you at that moment in time.

The ‘Great Outdoors’ also features a lot throughout. I sought solace in nature, the stunning British and overseas countryside, different landscapes, new terrains. I think this is the intrepid adventurous side of me which has always appreciated how magnificent our world is and that I always want to experience the new. Like so many others I love to explore. That emphasis on trying new things again. I used our stunning countryside to relax and switch off too. It’s all relative and it is all so important. I’m a true advocate of resting and allowing the body to heal as much as I am with activity that gets the heart pumping.

The photo gallery might seem a bit self-indulgent. It is and I don’t care. I see it as one massive, crazy celebration of all that has been accomplished and achieved since diagnosis, precious moments with family and friends and doing everything in my power to live life to the max.