Hi and welcome to Run Nic Nac Run.

I’m Nichola or Nic as many like to call me. A wife, a stepmum, a lover of dogs. A breast cancer survivor. I am an advocate for getting the very best out of life, looking to the future and spreading the message of Hope.

I love adventure and challenges, the great outdoors and nature, am a keen health and fitness enthusiast and promote anything that brings laughter, joy and happiness into our lives. I’m on a mission to inspire everyone to live the life you aspire to live and be the person you want to be.

This project was created by me to look at all aspects of what to do when you survive a life threatening illness. Looking at life’s wonders and also challenges. This space explores areas relating to all aspects of life during and after trauma and illness, cancer awareness, mental health and how areas such as physical health, charity and fundraising, challenges, the great outdoors and anything that motivates and encourages us to get the most out of life can help.

Run Nic Nac Run is an online platform to share my stories and experiences. How I learnt to be kind to myself. How I used running, exercise, movement and challenges to stay focused and healthy. I will also be sharing inspirational stories from guests in the Share your Story section. Please take a look at my blog and visit my social media sites. And please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

I hope this page encourages you to live life to the max and always ‘Be You’.

Nic ❤️