Our beautiful doggie…..

Five years ago today this photo was taken. Me with our beautiful Pedro. Our precious Gordon Setter. Little does Pedro know what a life saver he is. He came into our lives at such a crucial point. He was my therapy. He was therapy for my husband. The power that this scrumptious bundle of joy has and had at that time was immeasurable. Such an exciting time. We were mesmerised by him. We still are.

I was three months post mastectomy. Recovering from a major operation where I had stayed in hospital for over a week. It was a tough recovery. Both physically and mentally. It was blimin hard to deal with the dramatic change to my body. It hurt. I remember the pain. New boobs, new belly button, new belly, massive scars. Over time my strength returned. My hair had started to grow back. I was struggling with having to focus on cancer rather than trying to get pregnant. I still find this incredibly hard. Again another post.

However, I was alive. The most magnificent people on the planet had saved me and got rid of nastiness from my body. What better way to celebrate than invite the most stunning puppy into our world. Pedro means the world to us. He focused me. He helped us. He got me active again. He gave me something to look after and to love and to be reliant on me. He did that for both of us. He was our baby distracter.

He makes me happy every single time I look at him or think of him. He was my saviour. Sent from those that knew I needed to put my attention away from being poorly. He helped my mental health and recovery so much. A positive force of wonder that makes us so proud, happy and content.

There will be more on Pedro on his page. Words cannot describe the love we have for him. And the same applies for his beautiful buddy, our gorgeous Nacho. Look at this photo and you’ll know why our hearts were taken the minute we saw him. A stunning beauty that would melt any heart. Big up to all the gorgeous doggies out there that have come into our lives and given us so much love, joy and friendship. And give us, everyday, HOPE ❤️

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