New to the blogging scene…..

I’m new to the blogging scene. It’s something I’ve known about for years but never ventured into this unfamiliar waters. I’m slowly finding my way in navigating and building my page. It’s fun and I wish I’d have done it sooner. In some ways I should have done it whilst going through my breast cancer treatment. Alas no, I am writing this nearly six years on from my first diagnosis. A newby to the blogging world. A blogging virgin ready to use whatever ounce of writing flare I have acquired over the years to be part of something that I believe will inspire and motivate me in sharing what I have been through and how I aimed all the way to live the life that I aspire to live.

SurviveBeAlive is dedicated to what happens when you survive a critical illness. I hope this will inspire others into what can be achieved and done when you really want something so badly.

It will explore the many diverse elements of life during and after cancer treatment. From mental health, childlessness, grief, losing control, facing your own mortality, Mindfulness, fitness and wellbeing, focus, determination, positivity, fundraising, charity work, exercise and how the link through all this is to aspire to achieve.

Even when things can seem impossible and out of reach sheer perseverance can bring the most life changing beautiful moments. My aim is to share my experiences and how I dealt with the blow to my life that was a cancer diagnosis. The enormous impact on my life plans. And how I turned my life around after my first diagnosis and then a reoccurrence to be where I am today.

I’d love to hear any words of wisdom with regards to blogging and any comments on my posts will be very much appreciated.

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