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another milestone….

Five years ago today I finished the last of my active cancer treatment. The last of my herceptin injections in my leg. This was me in Ibiza celebrating. A couple of months before this we’d just completed the London Marathon and was then in the process of planning the start of my 40 challenges. So much has happened over the past five years. Some of the best days of my life for sure. Some of the hardest more difficult days mainly due to the reoccurrence. Some days proving how blimin strong I am. Some days where being strong was so hard. But one thing remains throughout is the love and laughter, family and friendship, the looking to the future, living life to the max and getting all I can out of being alive. I am surrounded with the best people ever❤️

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Rendlesham Community Radio Interview

My lovely friend has just launched a new show on Rendlesham Community Radio. She will be exploring a wide array of Health and Wellbeing with a variety of guests. I was very kindly invited on very recently to talk about my experience of going through breast cancer and the vast array of aspects relating to this diagnosis.

What this interview did was give me a platform to talk about some of the areas that I had not spoken about before in prior interviews on radio and for the newspapers. I loved the fact that I was able to express my thoughts and opinions on areas relating to this. We touched on feminism and breast cancer, childlessness, and the multitude of emotions, behaviours and attitudes surrounding a diagnosis.

The interview was very much based on my own experience with my own thoughts and opinions and I know that not one person goes through the same thing. We could have spoken about so much more because of the depth of things relating to this area. The feedback has been really brilliant so far.

Please, if there is anything that we have highlighted in the interview that has worried or concerned you, please do speak to someone. Any worries about your health go to your GP. Or speak to family or friends or seek guidance and advice from the many wonderful charities out there.

Please to take a listen and please share far and wide. My friend is beyond awesome and has so much knowledge and experience and I know her show will be a massive success. She has some excellent guests lined up for future shows. If you would like to chat to me about anything that was mentioned in the interview please do get in touch.

Nic x

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A new dawn…..

I have always loved the daybreak and watching the sunrise. It’s that moment of sheer joy and of being grateful for yet another day. There is something so magical and special in waking up with the knowledge that you have another day to do things with and more time to savour. How precious a commodity time is. And there’s nothing like the sunrise to remind us of this.

This morning we visited Shingle Street. One of Suffolk’s secret gems. High on the list of natural beauty, tranquility and the stunning views that a Summertime sunrise can present. We were not disappointed. Watching the soft rippling water backed by the fast changing patterns of beautiful sun burst skies was simply mesmerising.

This time of day stirs the emotions I don’t mind telling you. I don’t naturally wake up at 4am so it’s a bit of a shock to the system to say the least. But it’s so worth it. A perfect time to reflect. To have space and time to contemplate. An opportunity to start the day experiencing nature’s wonders and magnificence in all its glory. To look to the future.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good ❤️

Inspirational Sir Tom Moore

Congratulations to the magnificent Sir Tom Moore. There’s nothing like the likes of beautiful people like this man to truly motivate and get under your skin. A fine figure of a human being embodying the very essence of sheer resilience and determination. Capturing a moment in time that will go down in history with him being one of the leaders of the pack and who stole the heart of millions.

He, for sure, is out of this world and will be hailed a hero for centuries to come as the man that raised over £38 million for the NHS. It’s people like this that keep me going. I know that for sure.

They make you believe you can do anything. They inspire so many to make good of a situation and adapt to life for the greater good and as best you can. They make you believe in your ability to strive, be ambitious, to challenge yourself. They create a sense of fun and humanity and bring humour to the world.

Through hardship there can come an unwavering ability to muster up an inner strength to achieve. They restore some faith in kindness, humanity and create the greatest sense of patriotism. They believe in what they are doing with great gusto and they make you believe in them too.

I’m so grateful to people like this. It’s been another very busy week at work. I got to last night absolutely knackered and a bit sad as most of my team have agreed to be furloughed. Saying goodbye to them was actually very hard. Albeit temporary. But it’s ok. It’s because of the likes of Tom that I am here, and healthy and able to work. Not only for his support of the NHS but for fighting for our country all those years ago.

Life through this pandemic has been so surreal and weird. I have taken it all in my stride really but it wasn’t always easy. However, what it did do was emphasised things in my life that I am so proud of. It’s highlighted a pain I keep well hidden most of the time. But rather than focusing on that and what can’t be done or what I don’t have it’s good to try to use this as an opportunity to just be, believe in yourself and focus on what can be done.

Each to their own with how they cope through times like this. So many people criticising others for how they are dealing with it. I see a lot of hate towards people that are being positive. Urm why? What a load of old tosh. I find this concept just bizarre. In a world where suicide is on the increase and mental health and wellbeing is such a hot topic why on earth would people turn on those making good of a situation? Our education in this area is to find elements of positivity in our lives, focus on the now, focus on what you have and what you can control. How strange people can be. It’s laughable in some cases. I know it’s human nature but it’s still sad to see people deflect their own worries and fears towards ones that have found their new normal and getting on in a positive way.

I digress a little but everyone is struggling one way, shape or form. Everyone is sad in some way. Everyone is currently living a life they’ve never known before or dealing with the aftermath of lockdown. This is hard for all. And no one ever truly knows what’s going on in someone’s mind or indeed what the future holds. Be kind to those being positive. It might be all they have to keep going. Sir Tom Moore encapsulates positivity in flourishing abundance and I love him so much for it.

One of my go to ways of coping through this time has been my challenges. Adding it into the mix has definitely helped. Not only for my mental wellbeing but to try and keep some level of fitness and normality going. Seeing this legend do his walking challenge and the magnificent heights of awesomeness he has achieved makes me even more determined.

Like Tom with the NHS, I am so very proud to be supporting another great cause. The British Heart Foundation. Both charities mean the world to me for a multitude of reasons. My challenges are a tiny tiny snippet in the grand scheme of things but like Tom it keeps me going. Keeps me strong. Keeps me fit.

Inspirational Sir Tom Moore. You legend 🙌

Photo Credit by Sky News

World Cancer Day

A long read but I hope well received❤️

Today is World Cancer Day. It’s a day that unites people, communities and entire countries to raise awareness and take action. Please read and share the attached on breast cancer awareness. It’s so important to continue sharing and to always be vigilant. In fact for any changes to the body be strong and seek advice and help.

I will always and forever be eternally grateful to those that saved my life, the researchers and scientists that enabled this to happen. The many people that helped with my recovery. The loyal and kind supporters that raise crucial funds towards all this. My beautiful family and friends. On World Cancer Day I remember everything. And I remember, with such emotion you wouldn’t believe, the vital part that so many people have played in me still being here.

Survive Be Alive is me. Im surviving. I’m alive. I’m so proud to be on ‘the other side of active cancer treatment’. I’m proud of dealing with the repercussions of the diagnosis. Many of which still rear their ugly head on a constant basis. I would not be alive if it were not for me being alert and spotting changes with my body. If I decided not to go to the GPs over and over because I knew something was wrong. If I ignored symptoms and did not take control.

This page is all about acknowledging what’s happened but looking to the future. What’s happens next. ‘Live the life you aspire to live’ is my motto. Enjoying life after something so horrific. Acceptance of what has happened and the new path that is being followed. Taking advantage of any opportunity that comes my way. Living life to the max. Being grounded and content and appreciating all life’s wonders. Being happy and looking for the beauty in all around me. Having the ability to challenge, excel, learn and flourish in things that I do. Becoming a better person. Allowing mistakes and appreciating that I cannot do everything.

Survive Be Alive came about from surviving cancer. Thank you to everyone that supports any cancer charity, club, organisation and support groups. You are all truly amazing and I will forever be in your debt ❤️

Learning a new skill…….

At the very end of last year I signed up for a new course. An Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching. Its an exciting time as I look to explore developing my knowledge and experience in this subject. To have focus in studying for something new is a great feeling of which I am relishing.

I’ve been curious about the world of life coaching for a while now. Purely for the fact that I believe I have encountered a lot of coaches over the past few years. When I say, ‘I believe’ it’s because there’s many friends and family out there that I have spoken to, especially recently, that have excellent coaching abilities but probably don’t even realise it.

The concept of someone being there to guide and listen. To help you achieve and exceed goals. To help you fulfil your life ambitions. For you to gain insight into your strengths and abilities. It’s an area that I think will continue to grow and develop in the UK. I think it’s a concept that should be adopted by far more. The benefits and results can be extraordinary.

When I was going through cancer treatment I wish I’d have had access to more coaches. I spoke to a really great coach briefly at ‘Working with Cancer’. She was truly awesome and helped me at a very difficult time in my life. I’ve spoken to some amazing medical professionals and I’ve had the privilege to be helped by some outstanding counsellors. But looking back, deep down I knew what the issues were and deep down I knew how to solve it. I just needed someone to talk to and listen and to guide me. I didn’t necessarily need therapy or to be told what to do. I needed to be empowered.

A life and/or health coach would have been amazing. During my diagnosis and the subsequent years of treatment this would have been so beneficial. In many ways I’ve been my own life coach. I’ve been the one to set my own goals and achieve. To work through my problems. I’ve made my own plans and put into place actions of how I’m going to get there. I set goals for my mental and physical health. In some ways I’ve been my own life coach. Or so it feels that way.

When I wanted a new career I planned for it and worked my way through to succeeding with this aim. It was a hard choice for me. To do something so bold and to acknowledge that I needed a change. The doubts that were there but deep down knowing I could achieve and was capable. I spoke to people who were there to guide me.

I’ve worked my way through dealing with grief and the vast array of emotions that this encompasses. We can all relate to that overwhelming feeling of dread and hurt. I’ve dealt with the gut wrenching unbearable heartbreak of being a childless woman and and having that choice taken away from me. The repercussions of this and always feeling the odd one out have been hard. It’s a daily battle.

The scars and my own body image have been harsh to deal with at times. Watching my body change and transform before my very eyes. Wounds of survival and hope etched on my once unhurt and untarnished body. I’ve had times of depression, guilt, feeling a failure and come out the other side through proactive measures to feel differently.

Just a few of the aspects of my life which are here to deal with that wasn’t part of everyday life seven years ago. It’s the ‘new norm’.

The common link to string all this together is the element of recognising that I knew I wanted to feel differently and ultimately knew what I need to do. To face dealing with overcoming these difficult and challenging emotional situations. To set goals. Incremental changes for a far bigger life goal. It is with this that I’d really love the opportunity to work with and help others that are also finding themselves at a point in their lives where they want change. I love listening to and helping people and know how coaches can be crucial to aid this. To help people achieve and accomplish massive life changes would be extremely rewarding.

I have so much more to learn in this area. I can’t wait to get stuck in and see all the wonder that the reading material will present. To absorb all the methods and processes. To harness an opportunity and run with it.

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