Book recommendation

I recently finished reading this fabulous book. Given to me as a gift for my birthday, I was keen to start it as soon as I could because I’d heard great things about it. I was not disappointed.

I’ve really got back into reading. I tend to choose books that have meaning and substance. Many of which have been written by experts in their field or people that have gone through some pretty tough times. People that inspire and motivate me or people that I love due to what they represent.

‘Why has nobody told me this before’ contains exactly what it says on the tin. It really is everyday tools for life’s ups and downs. A perfect delve into those difficult times and areas that we have to navigate and power our way through on a regular basis.

The author, Dr. Julie Smith, an experienced clinical psychologist, has split this perfectly structured book into eight sections on subjects such as motivation, emotional pain, grief, fear and stress. Topics that I am extremely passionate about.

I particularly like the ‘Try this’ lists that she places at the end of each chapter. It’s a really great tool for prompts, emphasising what you have read and gets you to reflect on elements highlighted within the chapter. There is then a chapter summary at the end which I also found useful as a reminder of the key aspects.

It’s a book that everyone can relate to. It’s also a really easy read. So refreshing for a book of thus nature. It normalises everyday emotions and feelings. That we are not alone in our thoughts, concerns or worries. In some cases it spins on its head various ways to process and consider challenges we face everyday in life.

Coping mechanisms and strategies are at the heart of this gem. In the words of Dr. Smith “When we understand a little about how our minds work and we have some guideposts on how to deal with our emotions in a healthy way; we not only build our resilience but we can thrive and grow”.

One of my favourite chapters is ‘Being enough’. Again, another subject which I adore and an area I plan to write about in the future.

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