Why Run Nic Nac Run?

Where did the name @runnicnacrun come from? It’s kind of obvious really but it’s the meaning behind it that resonates. Well it all started ten years ago when I took part in the 2011 London Marathon.

When I was young my parents and brothers called me Nic Nac Noos. Mixed with loving Forest Gump #runforestrun and the fact I have always loved running too. The name was a no brainer.

Fast forward ten years little did I know that there was to be even more meaning behind the name. I used running and many other activities to get me through my cancer diagnosis. It was crucial to me. It played such a leading role in the events and fundraising that was to be part of my therapy.

I have always loved running. When I was young I was super fast. Very fast in fact. Running was in the family so it was second nature. Mixed with a competitive streak I was hard to catch. I really was like Forest Gump. I could have ran all day.

As an adult running has always been there. Sometimes intense for training and volumes of events and sometimes more casual. But it remains a staple throughout my life. And I am so grateful for that. I am so proud that I have kept it going after all these years.

Running is not always easy for me. It can be really demanding and impossible at times. Or it can be hard work. It can be painful. On the flip side it can be easier and nicer and seem less of a chore. I always set out with the aim of enjoying it. But sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Either way the end goal is the same. To feel the satisfaction and euphoria of completing a run is out of this world. Just amazing. Whatever the speed or the distance. Whether I complete what I had set out to achieve and have to amend. Whether it didn’t go to plan. It’s all awesome. All movement is absolutely blimin awesome.

Ultimately I love the challenge of running. I love how it makes me feel. I love that I was able to run through so much physical and mental torture. I love the fact that I haven’t given up. I love looking forward to my next event, next challenge, next leisurely run and where my running will take me next.

I also love as I have got older knowing when to stop. When to take a break. When to rest my precious body and mind to reset ready for the next installment.

@runnicnacrun isn’t just about running. It’s an ethos. To keep at it. Perserver. Be resilient. Even when hurdles are placed in the way I keep going. I may not be as fast as what I used to be but my life is still filled with the magic that my younger self had. A life filled with so much adventure and living life to the max every single day.

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