Here’s to all the women that inspire me everyday

Sharing my FB post from yesterday on International Women’s Day I celebrate all the brilliant fabulous women in my life. Here’s to you all. You inspire me everyday 🙌

🙏Here’s to being fierce, strong, passionate, driven, kickarse
🙏Here’s to being soft, vulnerable, emotional, gentle, coy, shy
🙏Here’s to being ambitious, career-driven, a leader, a manager
🙏Here’s to being intelligent, knowledgeable, well-read, educated
🙏Here’s to being fit, active, sporty, muscly, competitive
🙏Here’s to being happy in your own skin and loving yourself
🙏Here’s to saying no, switching off, relaxing, calmness
🙏Here’s to being allowed to grieve without guilt or explanation
🙏Here’s to being unashamedly happy and content with life
🙏Here’s to acknowledging that not all in life is fair
🙏Here’s to being bold, brave, courageous, inspirational, heroic
🙏Here’s to crying, howling, feeling shit, feeling down, scared
🙏Here’s to being a someone’s everyone and everything
🙏Here’s to being a joker, funny, entertaining, humorous
🙏Here’s to dealing with trauma, with illness, with pain & agony
🙏Here’s to getting by, coping, struggling, juggling
🙏Here’s to showing empathy, compassion, nurturing, caring
🙏Here’s to adventure, to being crazy, being intrepid, fearless
🙏Here’s to listening, being a coach, a mentor, a counsellor
🙏Here’s to being any size, any weight, any height, any shape
🙏Here’s to being family, friends, colleagues, confidants
🙏Here’s to being a Survivor and living the life you most want

Here’s to being who the hell you want to be and not allowing anyone to darken your sparkle.



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