Lockdown is shit. We must focus on what we can still do.

I love this so much. It links in nicely with the ethos of Survive Be Alive and why I set up this project. It’s still very much working progress. I hope the project has given some Hope to people. That life is what you make of it. That things can be achieved when you put your mind to it and want it enough. We all have had times where we have dealt with trauma and got out the other side. Now, with lockdown, it is no different. All will be OK.

It’s hard times for so many of us. Let’s be frank. It’s pretty shit times for many. There will be upset. There will be struggles. There will be times of sadness and times of loneliness. We must listen to people. Really listen. And we must be encouraged to talk. It’s ok to say things are crap. It’s ok to cry. We must all stick together and look out for each other and try to look at the things that bring us joy.

Positivity is so important. As is remembering all the wonderful beautiful things in the world. Self care has never been so prevalent. To look at what we can control and what can make us laugh and smile. Not everything in life is cancelled. We will all be as resilient as best we can to get through the coming weeks. It’s easier said than done but we must try to focus on what we can still do. And not what we can’t.

#noteverythingiscancelled #keeplookingup #positivity #future #focusonthecan #enjoymusic #dancethroughtherain #care #friendship #listenwithoutjudgement #laugh #love #survivebealive

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