This Girl Can update…….

I have been a This Girl Can Ambassador for over two years. I’m hoping to do a lot more with them over the coming years. Especially as I now have Survive Be Alive and I think this fits in nicely with what they are about. Locally TGC is overseen by Active Suffolk and this week I got to share with them what I’d been working on. It’s a project that’s been bubbling away for years and now in a position to share to the masses. Because now I feel in a strong place and I have lots to share.

The feedback from the TGC team has been so positive. Some really wonderful comments that have made my day. I’m so chuffed. Even more so when they said they had shared it on the Active Suffolk website. It’s moments like this that make me so proud. The last seven years of trauma and heartache mixed with some of the best days of my life and how I used activity to get through it all, is now all coming to fruition. It’s very exciting.

I am incredibly honoured to be involved with the This Girl Can movement. To be one of a really inspirational and awesome group of women that are all there to support each other, empower, motivate and promote everything to do with women being strong, fit and active means so much.

Survive Be Alive encapsulates all that This Girl Can represents. The values that exercise and movement can be for anyone and everyone irrelevant of shape, size or ability. To go out there with the spirit that anything is achievable. I love the fact that it promotes doing any activity is awesome. Because it is. I love, too, the way it brings to the forefront that activity for a lot of women and girls is hard; whether there are time constraints or they are lacking in confidence or perhaps feeling like they are being judged.

The This Girl Can movement showcases to the world that women and girls can do their own thing and it doesn’t matter what the activity is, how often they do it and what time it takes. All activity is amazing and doing this amongst our very busy lives is all that matters. Keeping fit, active and moving is at the very heart of it. Which relates heavily to what Survive Be Alive is about. A massive part of my project is about how I juggled activity with cancer and full time work and how I used activity to get physically and mentally better.

Please take a look at the Active Suffolk website. It has an amazing amount of info on their website all about keeping active and all aspects of physical health and wellbeing. They are the Active Partnership for Suffolk, one of 43 Active Partnerships across England dedicated to increasing the number of people taking part in sport and physical activity. So it’s really great to have their support too.

I’m so looking forward to the next part of this journey.

#survivebealive #thisgirlcan #livethelifeyouaspiretolive #activesuffolk

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