Rendlesham Community Radio Interview

My lovely friend has just launched a new show on Rendlesham Community Radio. She will be exploring a wide array of Health and Wellbeing with a variety of guests. I was very kindly invited on very recently to talk about my experience of going through breast cancer and the vast array of aspects relating to this diagnosis.

What this interview did was give me a platform to talk about some of the areas that I had not spoken about before in prior interviews on radio and for the newspapers. I loved the fact that I was able to express my thoughts and opinions on areas relating to this. We touched on feminism and breast cancer, childlessness, and the multitude of emotions, behaviours and attitudes surrounding a diagnosis.

The interview was very much based on my own experience with my own thoughts and opinions and I know that not one person goes through the same thing. We could have spoken about so much more because of the depth of things relating to this area. The feedback has been really brilliant so far.

Please, if there is anything that we have highlighted in the interview that has worried or concerned you, please do speak to someone. Any worries about your health go to your GP. Or speak to family or friends or seek guidance and advice from the many wonderful charities out there.

Please to take a listen and please share far and wide. My friend is beyond awesome and has so much knowledge and experience and I know her show will be a massive success. She has some excellent guests lined up for future shows. If you would like to chat to me about anything that was mentioned in the interview please do get in touch.

Nic x

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