World Cancer Day

A long read but I hope well received❤️

Today is World Cancer Day. It’s a day that unites people, communities and entire countries to raise awareness and take action. Please read and share the attached on breast cancer awareness. It’s so important to continue sharing and to always be vigilant. In fact for any changes to the body be strong and seek advice and help.

I will always and forever be eternally grateful to those that saved my life, the researchers and scientists that enabled this to happen. The many people that helped with my recovery. The loyal and kind supporters that raise crucial funds towards all this. My beautiful family and friends. On World Cancer Day I remember everything. And I remember, with such emotion you wouldn’t believe, the vital part that so many people have played in me still being here.

Survive Be Alive is me. Im surviving. I’m alive. I’m so proud to be on ‘the other side of active cancer treatment’. I’m proud of dealing with the repercussions of the diagnosis. Many of which still rear their ugly head on a constant basis. I would not be alive if it were not for me being alert and spotting changes with my body. If I decided not to go to the GPs over and over because I knew something was wrong. If I ignored symptoms and did not take control.

This page is all about acknowledging what’s happened but looking to the future. What’s happens next. ‘Live the life you aspire to live’ is my motto. Enjoying life after something so horrific. Acceptance of what has happened and the new path that is being followed. Taking advantage of any opportunity that comes my way. Living life to the max. Being grounded and content and appreciating all life’s wonders. Being happy and looking for the beauty in all around me. Having the ability to challenge, excel, learn and flourish in things that I do. Becoming a better person. Allowing mistakes and appreciating that I cannot do everything.

Survive Be Alive came about from surviving cancer. Thank you to everyone that supports any cancer charity, club, organisation and support groups. You are all truly amazing and I will forever be in your debt ❤️

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