Learning a new skill…….

At the very end of last year I signed up for a new course. An Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching. Its an exciting time as I look to explore developing my knowledge and experience in this subject. To have focus in studying for something new is a great feeling of which I am relishing.

I’ve been curious about the world of life coaching for a while now. Purely for the fact that I believe I have encountered a lot of coaches over the past few years. When I say, ‘I believe’ it’s because there’s many friends and family out there that I have spoken to, especially recently, that have excellent coaching abilities but probably don’t even realise it.

The concept of someone being there to guide and listen. To help you achieve and exceed goals. To help you fulfil your life ambitions. For you to gain insight into your strengths and abilities. It’s an area that I think will continue to grow and develop in the UK. I think it’s a concept that should be adopted by far more. The benefits and results can be extraordinary.

When I was going through cancer treatment I wish I’d have had access to more coaches. I spoke to a really great coach briefly at ‘Working with Cancer’. She was truly awesome and helped me at a very difficult time in my life. I’ve spoken to some amazing medical professionals and I’ve had the privilege to be helped by some outstanding counsellors. But looking back, deep down I knew what the issues were and deep down I knew how to solve it. I just needed someone to talk to and listen and to guide me. I didn’t necessarily need therapy or to be told what to do. I needed to be empowered.

A life and/or health coach would have been amazing. During my diagnosis and the subsequent years of treatment this would have been so beneficial. In many ways I’ve been my own life coach. I’ve been the one to set my own goals and achieve. To work through my problems. I’ve made my own plans and put into place actions of how I’m going to get there. I set goals for my mental and physical health. In some ways I’ve been my own life coach. Or so it feels that way.

When I wanted a new career I planned for it and worked my way through to succeeding with this aim. It was a hard choice for me. To do something so bold and to acknowledge that I needed a change. The doubts that were there but deep down knowing I could achieve and was capable. I spoke to people who were there to guide me.

I’ve worked my way through dealing with grief and the vast array of emotions that this encompasses. We can all relate to that overwhelming feeling of dread and hurt. I’ve dealt with the gut wrenching unbearable heartbreak of being a childless woman and and having that choice taken away from me. The repercussions of this and always feeling the odd one out have been hard. It’s a daily battle.

The scars and my own body image have been harsh to deal with at times. Watching my body change and transform before my very eyes. Wounds of survival and hope etched on my once unhurt and untarnished body. I’ve had times of depression, guilt, feeling a failure and come out the other side through proactive measures to feel differently.

Just a few of the aspects of my life which are here to deal with that wasn’t part of everyday life seven years ago. It’s the ‘new norm’.

The common link to string all this together is the element of recognising that I knew I wanted to feel differently and ultimately knew what I need to do. To face dealing with overcoming these difficult and challenging emotional situations. To set goals. Incremental changes for a far bigger life goal. It is with this that I’d really love the opportunity to work with and help others that are also finding themselves at a point in their lives where they want change. I love listening to and helping people and know how coaches can be crucial to aid this. To help people achieve and accomplish massive life changes would be extremely rewarding.

I have so much more to learn in this area. I can’t wait to get stuck in and see all the wonder that the reading material will present. To absorb all the methods and processes. To harness an opportunity and run with it.

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