Keep that battery fuelled…

Saw this today and it resonated with me. Why? Because it is so easy to reach burnout. Easier than you think. Many of you will know that feeling of complete exhaustion, of feeling drained, of fears and worries, of not doing anything well. Going towards empty is not good. Running on empty is never ever a good thing.

I’m all about self preservation these days. I’m the first to admit I’ve probably always done too much. Pushing myself to the max. Running around all over the place not taking time to relax and just be. Always over planning and over committing to fit everything in. It was too much. It was fun but too much.

As an active and social person I am a ‘do-er’. I don’t like missing out, I love a challenge, I like to look forward to things, I like to do things for others. I have energy to burn and a desire to do as much as I can and live. But sometimes this can come at a price.

However, the good news is, over recent years I’ve really listened to my body and mind. I guess you could say I’ve had no choice. It’s so crucial. I’ve learnt to do this. Some worry I do too much. They’d be right sometimes but in years gone by. Even through my big fundraising challenges of recent years I knew when to stop and take time out. I listen very carefully to my body. I am looking after my body more so than ever before.

If I have to say ‘no’ I will. To allow my body to have that battery life and to keep it fuelled. To not start going into the red. To keep it topped up as much as possible. I’m a great believer in rest time, timeout and switching off. Sometimes we need to just do the basics and our bodies and minds will love us for it. Focusing on the now, in the moment, not allowing our thoughts to run away with us.

I’m an avid runner but I haven’t run solidly for months. Why? Because I don’t want to at the moment. I can still run. Quite well it turns out. But My body is telling me not to. Aches and pains need healing. I love running so it’s time will come again but when I want to do it. I’m not forcing myself. I’m allowing my body to be.

Self care is definitely a priority, not a luxury. I think we should all practice at least one thing everyday which is about self preservation and looking after ourselves. Join me ❤️

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