I love this date…….

I love this date. This date saved my life. Not a bad day, a day of celebration. Friday 13th September. Words that will stick with me forever. Six years ago today on the exact same day and date Rich and I heard words no one wants to hear. So many others did too.

At first all I cared about was that I was training for a marathon. Then it hit me we were about to start trying for a family. Then it hit me again how I had to tell my family and friends. Then it hit me the sheer magnitude of what had been said. Then it hit me, I might die. I didn’t want to die. But I still kept smiling. I even joked away in that very meeting. ‘I’ll get through this’ I thought.

But what came next, Six years of dealing with so many emotions, fears, guilt. Learning to allow myself to just ‘be’, allowing myself to cry, be angry, be sad. Adapting to massive changes to my body, my mind, my soul. Six years of being on autopilot to get through it all. Six years of dealing with so much different pains. I had changed.

But what came also with this was an unbelievable determination and sheer stubbornness to train, exercise, get fit and strong. To take on the world and challenge myself. It created an ambition and drive like I never had before. And that’s saying something. Something massive had changed. The negative emotions fuelling my desire to survive and be alive. To live life to the max.

Friday 13th September 2013 I believe this to be my lucky day. So very lucky. That day was the day they saved my life. Bad news created a plan of action to help me. I was lucky that day that so many fear. It’s a date that I will never forget. A date I will always celebrate.

Six years. Whoop whoop 🙌🥳🎉🤪🥰

Here’s just a very small snippet of some of the beautiful moments that have happened in that six years ❤️

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