The beauty in setting and achieving goals…..

It’s a really fabulous place to be in. The ability to dream. To want something. To aspire for something new, a better way of living, to believe you can achieve a goal or overcome a challenge. To make your life truly wonderful if you believe.

I love setting goals. In life I’m a goal setter. I always have been. I love the excitement of coming up with an idea or notion, exploring the possibility, investigating what can be involved, falling in love with the idea of achieving that goal and then right through to completing my set goals and the magic that this feeling creates. I love the buzz of doing something new, setting myself up to go over and beyond what I think is possible, training to achieve, the idea that something new and different can change my life. To aspire to greatness and goodness.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I think that’s the Pisces and artistic side of my brain always working overtime. I’ve always looked to the future and so excited with all the things that I could make happen. I’ve always believed in myself. Even when times got tough I knew that I was strong and all would be ok. Even in times of pure sadness I was dreaming about goals and things I wanted to do and complete. I dreamt of my future being strong, fit and healthy. I dream of a cancer free world.

To dream and write those dreams down. To put pen to paper and act upon those dreams. To believe that dreams can come true is a really beautiful place to be in. To turn dreams into life-changing events that will change you forever, filling your life with adventure, excitement, laughter and fun. Setting goals can make for a really fantastic life.

Four years ago today, I started what was to be the beginning of the most magical adventurous time in my life. My 40Before40 challenges. I had finished active treatment in July 2015 and having completed the London Marathon that April I was desperate for the next big goal. Live the life you aspire to live is my motto. I really did do just that.

I had a dream. A gigantic goal that to celebrate getting out of active treatment and heading towards my 40th birthday, I would do all I could to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan. I had set myself eighteen months to complete all my challenges. It was such fun coming up with ideas. I’ll do another post on the challenges but it included windsurfing, scuba diving, marathons, cake making, flashmob, skiing and much more. Along with this I was to fundraise for charity too. There was so much to plan, organise, put together, train for, coordinate, manage, create. I had set myself goals within goals within goals. And I was on top of the world. I was in control. I had dreams of achieving and I was blimin well going to go for it.

Each day and each week bought a new challenge. I planned. I wrote things down. I was meticulous in creating a life changing experience for not only me but all my family and friends who were also a big part of it all. By being ambitious, living to my core values, pursuing what I believe in and that sheer passion to succeed I did it.

Each challenge was a goal. It was always SMART. It had to be in order to get it all done on top of my full time job. Looking back it was incredible that I got it all done and achieved so much. I had gone into autopilot. Each day so much brilliance of what the future would bring. It was all about looking forward. It was everything to do with living the life I aspired to live. I created my own perfect universe where I was unstoppable.

I’m writing this down because what came out of creating this event, seeing through challenges, writing everything down and planning goals and dreams I achieved. It turned my life around. I aspired to do things I’d never done before. I was being true to myself and I was relishing in that opportunity. I had a dream of what I wanted my life to be like and it was happening. Every day something new was being written, spoken, dreamt of, acted upon. All for a better future and to achieve goals. It gave me focus and optimism. The best therapy I could ask for. And the best bit? All created by me.

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