Aspiring to……

Aspiring to achieve. Aspiring to have fun. Aspiring to live the life I want to live. Aspiring to get the most out of life❤️

There are many things in my life that fulfil the above but I do love a good challenge and event. Booking on all these wonderful events is chasing the thrill of a challenge, looking forward to a wonderful future with optimism, thinking of long term goals of keeping fit, strong and healthy. Living life to the max. Giving myself a challenge and something to train for. Knowing that I’ll have the euphoria of completing these events🙌👊There’s more to come 🤭

Plus I’m a sucker for a medal. And my collection needs topping up🏅🤪

#survivebealive #livethelifeyouaspiretolive #challenges #thrillofchasingagoal #loveanevent #optimism #future #wellbeing #mentalhealth #fitness #focused #havingfun #livinglife #lovelife

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