I want to ride my bicycle….

Four years ago I signed up for Cycle Swarm in Ipswich. A bike ride through the stunning Suffolk countryside. I had borrowed my brothers bike. Routes of 50 or 100 miles to choose from. It was to be amongst many events I would take part in raising funds for charity. Back then it was part of the 40Before40 challenge and I was to wear my Stand Up To Cancer shirt with pride. I was so proud that I had got through gruelling treatment. That I had stood up to cancer and told it to ‘do one’.

That same year, prior to Cycle Swarm, in July 2015 I finished active treatment. I remember back then being like a kid in a candy store, thinking of all the amazing events and activities I could sign up for to celebrate. To celebrate, because although I’d been battered I was still breathing, I was still very much alive. I became focused on my physical strength and fitness which in turn helped massively with my mental health. I became super fit. Nothing could stop me.

I had worked on my health and fitness to be physically strong throughout and towards the end of my injections and treatment. Chemo and operations had given my body a real seeing to but I was still laughing. I was a lucky one. I also still had my passion for taking part in events, challenges, pushing myself to achieve, keeping fit and that desire to complete a task.

Cycling has always been a ‘go to’ of mine. From cycling everywhere as a child and cross country cycling with my mum, dad and three brothers, to, as an adult cycling in Vietnam and Brazil raising funds for Mencap. I love cycling. I love the sheer grit needed for uphill inclines. I love the thrill of reaching maximum speeds on the descents. I love the landscapes, terrains, countryside and scenery you get with cycling. I love that cycling makes me feel young.

It is this week that I find myself four years on from my first Cycle Swarm looking at the event again. I had to sign up. I needed to get back out again. I have opted for the 50 miles. I know the route and I know I’m in for a magical day. I know that I’ll need to be on the lookout for crazy drivers, for bonkers cyclists, for crazy deep potholes and remember not to get too carried away coming down those hills. I will cycle with my mum and dad once again loving every second of their company. I can’t wait. I can’t wait because I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like.


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