A journey of growth……

As I watch my beautiful Canna Lilly develop into this spectacular stunning plant with the most vibrant electric flowers, it stirs up many thoughts on the aspect of growth and what it is to bloom.

I have watched this plant grow over the past few months. Waiting patiently, ever the anticipation. Starting from nothing for the eye to see and then there it is. It appears. It’s ready for action. It has been working it’s magic ready to show the world it’s growing and getting stronger. Getting bigger. Relishing in the British weather basking in the sun. It’s alive and thriving.

Every year I watch this plant get taller and taller as it strengthens and comes back to life with a vengeance like never before. so strong and hardy to be admired. It is natures beautiful way of giving us beauty to savour, something to admire, something to look after and cherish and something to watch mature.

Evolution, growth, development and at one with nature are all aspects that I feel we could strive for. If we want it. These areas can make us so incredibly strong and resilient. Sometimes without us always realising it. Every day a new day. A new day to aspire and grow. A new day for small changes for a big gain. A new day to be something different from the day before.

I will watch everyday as this gorgeous feature materialises into maturity. I will watch every single flower blossom and show its boldness and confidence amongst the other flora and fauna my garden has to offer. And alongside this I will grow too. Looking forward to what the future will bring. Excited for the future. Great aspirations for Canna and me.



  • Wow you certainly get those Powerful words from deep in the Heart and from your Parents, we taught our kids to never give up and aspire.
    Thankfully it’s paid off with beautiful deep meaning words of aspiration and hope.
    Superb words that others should follow and add too.

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